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Cary v Fiemereck SchH3

 a  fast normal ZW 93

Vitus v Haus Farrenkopf

Visum v Arminius

Jeck v Noricum

Ratta v Arminius

Yanka aus Agrigento

Asswan v Altkircherwald

Bonnie v Hunegrab

Narla v Fiemereck

Rudi van Noort

Enzo vd BurgAliso

Karina vd Teufelskanzel

Dasta v Fiemereck

Uran v Wildsteiger Land

Xenta v Fiemereck

Quinta v Praester-land SchH1

a  normal  ZW75

Natz vd Römerau

 Cim v Ecknachtal

Cello vd Römerau

Tigrise vWildsteigerland

 Hexe vd Römerau


Quana v Arminius

Nina v Praester-land

Onix v Grenzland

Uran v Wildsteiger Land

Heike vBurg Hausbrunn

Harfe aus dem Schwarzenzwinger

Fanto v Arminius

Zolliad Schwarzenzwinger



         The story so far…. We first saw this young dog, Pako, whilst staying with our friends

          Norbert Schleuter and family after Sarah had handled for them at last year's sieger

          show, he was then a raw 11 month old,  unfortunately with this year's sieger show

          being later in September the timing was all wrong , age wise, for Pako him being 2 years

          and one week which is far too young for the adult class, and with three older males to be

          trained for the adult class, Norbert, reluctantly, sold Pako to us in January of this year.

          Pako's hip status is A normal, with an excellent breed worth of 77, and to date his mother

          has produced 21 pups all A stamp normal. He is haemophilia clear with a rock steady

          temperament.  As soon as his passport application and paperwork were in order, we took

          Pako back to Germany in order to continue his training (photo taken at training ground

          on July 18th 2001).

          We will be bringing Pako home with us after visiting the sieger show in Dusseldorf  this

          Year,phone or email for further information . 


Melanie Schleuter & Pako

Pako gained Sch 1 on August 5th which included a score of 91 in the
manwork,    and 1a with his Korung on August 27th



Sarah handling Connie vom Fiemereck at the Sieger Show